Look familiar? If your Icons have disappeared (yikes) and you are using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, this post may help you. While desperately searching (read: googling) I came up fairly empty. I found a few links with similar issues, but not exactly this one.

ISSUE: The Icons at the top of my Blurbs have disappeared and all that remains are blank rectangles. Here is what it is supposed to look like:


WHAT HAPPENED? Just this morning, I updated my Divi theme from 2.5.9 to Recommended Update.3.0.34 I used the Divi Builder on a few of my pages. The Blurb Module adds an Icon above a custom text section.

Recently, after being vulnerable and attached by a PHP Malware Injector, I have been closing the loopholes on intrusions. This Divi update was part of my to-do list to cover my security bases. Fortunately, the fix was relatively simple (ONLY because I had a different theme version downloaded to my computer network). And it reminds me of the importance of Daily Backups for websites (my hosting service offers this for $2/month).

How I fixed it: I located a previous Divi.zip file from January, just one month ago. Through my ftp client, FileZilla, I renamed the Divi theme folder to Divi222 under /wp-content. I can install my fresh (old version) Divi theme and Activate it. Now every login when I see the Divi Theme “Update Available” message I will ignore it.

Elegant Themes Tech Support is non-existent.  The forum at Elegant Themes offers no information. And upon logging in, if you are familiar with the the ET site, their Sales Chat window pops up and asks me if they can help me. I answered  knowing the reply I would get: “We are sorry for the confusion. You are talking to Sales. Please go to the Forum.” Bite me, ET! I have a paid membership and should be able to Chat with Technical Support.

Quick Fix:

  1. Find an earlier version of Divi. You can use this one here. Divi theme Version 2.5.9
  2. Rename your /Divi folder in /wp-content/themes folder using your FTP client. I use FileZilla and I love it (https://filezilla-project.org)
  3. At your Theme section in WordPress, Add New and Upload and Install the earlier divi.zip file of your choice.
  4. Activate.

If this helped you, please comment below.


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